Monday, May 15, 2017

Term 2 Week 3

We had great fun last week with our inquiry launch and really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the other teachers in our team.

We watched Coke and Mentos react to make a spectacular geyser
Miss Bell showed us how to make delicious butter
 Mrs Gilmour made gooey slime
 Mrs Stilwell showed us what happens when you heat up crayons
 Mr Collins made some cool fizzing and foaming potions
 Ms Grech helped us make some crazy oobleck

Now that the "Tuning In" faze of our inquiry is finished we are moving into "Finding Out." We have decided that the experiment most of us would like to know more about first is Making Butter.
We have listed some questions and wonderings we have and will begin investigating the answers this week.

Some of our questions are:
Why did we add salt?
What is the runny stuff left over?
How is icecream made?
Can we make butter with milk?

Learning Celebrations
The children are continuing to prepare for our celebration of learning day/evening next week. Remember to follow the link from last week's blog to book a time.

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