Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 3 Term 3

Inquiry Launch

Sadly we couldn't go on our beach walk today as the weather was not kind to us but When Mr Stilwell and Mr Winter went to see if the beach was ok for us they found something really interesting! They decided to bring all the items back for us to investigate...

It appeared there had been a shipwreck and some luggage had been left behind on the beach. We unpacked each of the 4 bags and thought about who they may have belonged to, where they had come from and why they may have left.

When we got back to class we made a pirate ship out of all the bits and pieces, it was great fun!

In the afternoon we had a visit from a Dan Godoy, Marine Scientist who showed us lots of amazing photos and told us all about the work he does to help marine animals especially sea turtles. We learned about why it is so important to try to reduce our plastic usage and make sure we put our rubbish in the bin so it doesn't find its way out to sea.

In maths we have been learning about fractions. Identfying halves and quarters of shapes and reading the symbols for these. This week we will continue with this and will learn to find half of a set by sharing objects equally.

We have had lots of great inspiration for writing from our inquiry provocation so look out for some great stories in our books this week.

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