Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 8

It is hard to believe that in 3 weeks time most of us will have completed half a year at school! As I am in the midst of writing reports at the moment I am reflecting on the progress made this year and it is exciting to see how far each and every one of us has come. It is great to see the children really thinking about their learning goals and how motivated they are to reach them.

This week we are learning about taking ownership. We are thinking about what we need to do to get ourselves ready for school, how we can help our grown-ups at home especially in the mornings and how we can better look after our belongings and learning environment at school.

To help us build up our writing stamina and high frequency word banks we have started Word Power. We have 5 minutes to write as many words as we can before the timer goes off! This week's Word Power champ was Indy-Rose with 23 words - Well done!! Each week we will challenge ourselves to beat our previous score. This could be a fun thing to challenge your family to at home.

A good way to get the word count up is to think about rhyming words (if we can write 'at' we can write cat, hat, mat, sat...) and adding ing, s, or ed to words (look - looks - looking - looked)

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