Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week 9

This week we are reading the big book Roy G Biv and a poem called The Rainbow. We are learning all about the colours of the rainbow. Ask us to tell you what they are. For an extra challenge we can even say the colour words in Maori!
Our letters this week are z, f, q and j
Our words this week are 'go' and 'going'

We are continuing to build our knowledge of numbers to 20 and learning different ways to add sets of objects. With Mrs Brough we will be learning about times of the day. Can you answer these questions?

What is your bedtime?
When do you get up?
When do you brush your teeth?
What time does your family eat dinner?
What time to you leave for school?

Library Books
Please remember our library day is Thursday. Lets see if the whole class can remember to bring their books back this week.

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