Friday, February 17, 2017

Week 4 - You're Welcome!!

This week we welcome Violetta, Sid and Jasmine to our T4 whanau. We hope you have a great first week at school.

Anton's Alphabet
Starting today I will be sending home an exercise book with Anton's Alphabet on the front. This is a ten week programme used to teach alphabet letter names, sounds and formation. We have completed the first two weeks at school and are now ready to begin learning a letter each day. You are invited to help your child sing through the song, pointing to the letters as they go and then to practice the letter of the day on the sheet provided. Your child can colour the picture and in the spaces below, practice the letter formation. The formation chart in the book shows the correct starting point and direction to go in. It can help to say the rhyme as they write also. If you are unsure of any formations please let me know.

Please encourage correct pencil grip if you can. I teach the children to - pinch the pencil like a crab with forefinger and thumb, sit it on the rock (index finger underneath) and rest it in the cradle (base of thumb) Ask me for a demo if needed!

Image result for Pencil grip 

Dance, Drama and Singing
This week we will be starting to incorporate some dance and drama activities into our day and will be building up to learning a dance as a whole school too.

The whole school are learning to sing this awesome song "You're Welcome" from the movie Moana.  We all love it and are especially good at the chorus. Now you can get your whole family singing and dancing too!

What makes us unique? What makes our community a special place to live?
We are launching into our inquiry this week with a focus on Whanaungatanga. Do you have any knowledge or skills you could share with us?

REMINDER: Gala mufti day on Friday 24th February - bring bottles (soft drinks, condiments etc) Please take alcohol to the office

......................Swimming Tuesday and Wednesday every week........................

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